Marketing Engagement
for Apps

Marketing Engagement
for Apps

Appboy is a marketing platform for sending app messages to users. It has 2 primary components: the mobile SDK and the dashboard. The Mobile SDK integrates with the app to provide app messaging capabilities, such as sending an In-App Message, Push Notification, Emails, and News Feed to users. The dashboard is the heart of the application from which marketers can send marketing campaigns (through the various messaging channels) and to analyze and track user actions and behaviors.

My Role: UI/UX

A New Dashboard

During my 2+ year tenure at Appboy, the dashboard had overseen a massive overhaul, with all new product features and UI/UX, to empower app marketers.

Target Audience

Primary AudienceMarketers

The primary target audience is mobile marketers who are responsible for creating and generating mobile app marketing campaigns to engage and better understand their customers, leveraging across different industry

Secondary AudienceEnd Users

These are the end users of the mobile app, leveraging app users from across different app sections and industry, of varying degrees of understanding mobile usage

Here is a sample of my work

UI Overhaul

Overhauled the navigation and UI for a fresh look


User Segments are industry standard ways of grouping users based on behavior, attributes, past actions to target marketing campaigns


This is the heart of the dashboard where marketers engage with users with multi-channel messaging


Examine KPIs for insight into customer behaviors and actions