For iMusti, I designed a logo, iPad & Android Book App, and acted as a producer for the Samsung & Roku Movie App for the TV that was being designed by Float Left Interactive.

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shop titles by language categories

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When I first freelanced for iMusti, I served a liaison between iMusti and Float Left Interactive, the company designing the movie apps for TV. In this role, I analyzed the needs of the client from a business perspective and communicated to Float Left Interactive, from an interactions design and product feature standpoint.

Interactions Design for TV

The conundrum with TV apps is that the input device is a remote control with 4 directional arrows and select button as its main navigation tool.

On Samsung remotes, there are 4 menu buttons, color-coded with labels from A to D. Newer Samsung TV remotes will have a keyboard, but not everyone will own one. On Roku, there's only 4 directional arrows and a select button.

There are multiple languages - Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati - within this app. So even with the keyboard on the Samsung remotes, because this is a bilingual app with foreign movie titles (some are already in English, especially for Bollywood titles, and some will be in traditional script, with translated titles), search is not very useful.

Search is typically an important feature in web and mobile interactions design, but it should not relied on for this app, but will be kept there.

To remedy the problem, the app must rely on sorting and categories as a way for users to discover movie titles

Product Features

Some of main categories will center around the language categories.

The main features are:

  1. New Releases
  2. Recommended
  3. Bollywood
  4. Language Categories (Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati)
  5. Sort titles alphabetically and by reverse chronological. All titles will be stored in the database in English.
  6. Search. Some titles will be in English or its translated counterpart, so it will be kept there.

New Releases and Recommended will be for Bollywood movies, as everyone watches it. And within each language category, there will be sorting and recommendation within each. This is the first release for the movie app and the client wants to make it really simple and will add more to it in its subsequent releases.

Sitemap and Wireframes

I drafted these sitemap and wireframes to make sure communications are clear on both sides. These are wireframes for Samsung TV App. The sitemap applies to both Roku and Samsung.

On Roku, there are built-in standard choices for designers and developers to quickly deploy movie apps. So, it's a matter of choosing the preferred display format and adding custom visual design on top.


Main browsing screen

Detailed Movie Screen

Detailed movie screen
User has to pay an additional amount on top of their existing subscription service to view premium content.